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Reviews • Interviews • et Cetera

Considering the Red Frontier: A Review of THE INTERVIEW: Red, Red Future

Alexandra Irrera

With premonitions of climate change and the exhaustion of the Earth’s resources ever-present, humans may be gazing up towards Mars more frequently. Despite the defunding of NASA, commercial space flight seeks to bring human colonization to Mars by 2026.…

Sound Spaces: A Review of Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud’s Holdings & Intervals

Alexandra Irrera

While sound may be the least tangible of artistic mediums, it can also be the most penetrating. It’s a form of expression that slips through and around you. More rarely, it can touch you—its vibrations dancing on skin, causing a delicate physical sensation…

Interview: Andrea Lee

Julia Brown

Andrea Lee writes the kind of dazzling, lyrical prose that delights with its boldness—over three acclaimed novels, a New York Times Notable short story collection, and many essays and articles in publications like Time, The New Yorker, and Vogue, she…

Beautiful, Ugly, Crazy: Reflections on Infinite Jest

Kastalia Medrano

I was backpacking in Malaysia when, on a whim, I picked up a copy of Infinite Jest. I knew the book was very famous and that people liked to make a big deal about having read it and understood it, or else having read it and seen through the bullshit enough…

Micro Review: Diana Whitney, Wanting It

Adrienne Perry

Enough cannot be written about desire. Desire will not let us hold or master it. Instead, we are both lucky and pained to dwell in its atmosphere, an atmosphere changing so quickly we would need an atomic clock to trace its movements. Anne Carson’s Eros…